The Room Of Memories

In the Era of Selfies and Photo filters somehow we have destroyed the value of Memories and Living in the moment thing. Back then when there used to be any big event like movie promotions and a big star crew used to enter the Pathway, Thousands of fans surrounding the path used to bust through the fences to greet and meet their favourite superstars and getting an Autograph signed or a T-shirt or any stuff signed was a dream for most. But what happened is these thrills and dreams all disappeared as soon as those 5 inch screen gadgets came into the market with an Eye above the front screen.Autographs are replaced by the Front camera, Makeup replaced by the Photo Filters, Albums replaced by Instagram and Facebook and during this all transitions we all grew up. 

But still there are some things that are still not changed and cannot be replaced or change in the upcoming time and that is the Art and style of Photography. Back then when there were High Quality DSLR cameras to shoot wildlife images and now nothing has changed except the advancements in the accessories and the technology which has brought many great equipment like Tripod stands, Great lightings, technologically advanced cameras. Photographers in the Marriages are still doing their job well because they know this art and they also know that no mobile filter or software can replace their job and skills.Those moments are special which are once in a lifetime and bring the greatest joy like Marriage, Engagement, Birth of a child, winning a trophy and countless more and more and these moments deserve to be captured in a special way so that when anyone looks back at these he/she can relive those moments again.

For this purpose the facility called Photobooth and cheap photo booth hire companies were made and are still irreplaceable by any kind of 5-inch technology. Photobooth Melbourne is actually a room and area where memories and moments are captured and are made nourished and more enlightened with the perfect tools, art and technology. Props are used inside this room that are not available when you snap selfies with your phone. It’s a room not just for clicking pictures but a room of memories and storing the rebirth of moments.Nowadays these cheap photobooth hire companies cost you lesser than you think to provide you with the greatest service for a short period of time to capture your special and magical moments with the right technologies and props.These services give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to stand with your best pose and take those pictures with you that never get old. No matter how much you grow old they still remain candid and classic that’s why it said to have a rebirth of those moments !